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BUSINESS & AI a privately owned company specializing in Artificial Intelligence. With ongoing AI projects in partnership with several financial institutions and leading companies in the European automotive industry, our mission is to create a robust connection between the enterprise and the latest scientific breakthroughs in AI. By combining AI, technology, and business expertise, we help companies tackle their most complex business challenges in a cost-effective and non-intrusive manner. Our AI-powered decision-making solutions enhance efficiency and competitiveness while providing concrete examples of how AI can augment human intelligence. We deliver cutting-edge AI technologies that enable machines to simulate, augment, and at times, surpass human intelligence.

Context’AML®, our flagship AI product, offers contextual and behavioral profiling of a bank’s customers’ financial activity to detect, analyze, interpret and justify risks of money laundering and terrorist financing in real-time without pre-defined detection scenarios. Using advanced AI and algorithms, it offers high accuracy in risk identification, reducing false alerts and increasing detection efficiency.

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Our mission

Building a robust bridge between the latest scientific breakthroughs from the field of Artificial Intelligence and the Enterprise.

  • We identity and solve the most complex business challenges faced by the enterprise by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Technology and Business expertise. 
  • We provide cost effective and non-intrusive AI-powered decision-making solutions to help companies getting more efficient and more competitive.
  • We deliver concrete examples of how AI can make the enterprise smarter by augmenting the human intelligence with AI-powered solutions.
  • We provide cutting-edge Big Data and AI technologies which enables machines to simulate, augment and sometimes outperform human intelligence.

Trusted by

BUSINESS & AI provided is trusted by many large companies ranging from:

  • Financial institutions (banks)
  • Giant automotive industry leaders
  • Telecom companies
  • Consulting firms
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Strategic partners

BUSINESS & AI built strong strategic partnerships with both scientific and business partners based in Germany, France, Tunisia, UAE, and Canada.