The Most Accurate AI-based Behavioral Monitoring Solution for AML/CFT

Context’AML® is an AI-powered solution that essentially ensures the behavioral and contextual profiling of the financial activity of banks’ clients. It allows to automatically detect, analyze, interpret and justify the risks of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, without the need for predefined scenarios.

Why Context’AML® ?

Bankers, specfically Compliance Experts, recognize the following issues:

  • Valuable resources are wasted on dealing with false alerts.
  • A high chance to miss real threats because of the difficulty to filter true risk out from all the alerts.
  • Current AI solutions approach transactions monitoring in a purely AI based way that tucks away dangerous Money Laundering patterns and behaviors stated in the law and regulations.

Context’AML® Main Benefits

  • Increases effective Money Laundering risk detection due to the limited number of false alerts.
  • Minimizes the human involvement through a smart and prioritized selection of the alerts.
  • Uncovers hidden patterns of Money Laundering as it relies on an inclusive AI approach that takes into account the laws, regulations, relationships, etc..

The Core of Context’AML®

Context’AML® is based on a proprietary AI technology that combines Deep Active Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Semi-Supervised Learning. Context’AML® automatically segments transactions, accounts, and customers, and creates relevant contexts. Thanks to its innovative data representation in the form of Dynamic Temporal Graphs, Context’AML® continuously learns to detect weak signals of suspicious financial activities, which explains the relevance of the generated alerts compared with traditional systems, typically, based on rules and scenarios.

Context’AML® is capable of identifying situations that require human investigations in order to iteratively draw the right conclusions, capture valuable insights, and learn from them. Integrating Context’AML in a bank is at the core of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism (LAB/CFT) measures, and it goes a long way towards achieving conformity to the corresponding official regulations.

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