ATM CASHVISION® is a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize ATM cash optimization.

Combining powerful Multi-Objective optimization and reinforcement learning algorithms, the platform automatically builds cognitive agents which are capable of: learning, predicting, reasoning and deciding on the best cash replenishment policies to the point of surpassing human operator in many business, operational and financial KPIs.

How it works

“What makes ATM CASHVISION® Forecasting & Optimization engines powerfull is the innovative combination of many cutting-edge AI techniques”. AI & Engineering Teams

Solution benefits

  • Reduction of more than 40% of cash requirements
  • Elimination of idle cash & opportunity costs
  • Reduction of cash transport costs
  • 60% reduction in the number of ATM charges
  • Less operational risks (counting error, theft, etc.)
  • Cash availability rate of more than 98%

Data enriched with higher predictive power exogenous variables

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